Employment Discrimination Plaintiff's Attorney

For nearly 20 years, attorney Jorge Luis Rivas, Jr., has protected people's rights. He draws on that experience every day to protect the rights of employees who have experienced legally actionable discrimination in the workplace.

That experience means our office holds the seasoned legal judgment employees need today in employment discrimination cases. While not every example of an employer behaving badly is legally actionable, we have the experience you need to fight back when it is.

Protecting Your Rights As An Employee

Far too many employers today believe they can get away with any number of illegal actions. We provide candid advice and representation to clients who have faced a wide range of legally actionable discrimination in the workplace, including, for instance:

  • Sexual harassment

  • Sex/gender/pregnancy

  • Age discrimination

  • Disability discrimination

  • Race or national origin

  • Retaliation

  • Whistleblowing

  • Workers' compensation retaliation

Our office also assists clients through El Paso, Texas and southern New Mexico who are facing difficult circumstances related to:

  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • On-the-job injuries
  • Wages, hours and overtime
  • USERRA (discrimination based on military service)

We take special pride in assisting members of our armed services to secure their rights as Americans. Our founding lawyer, Jorge Luis Rivas, Jr., is himself a major (retired) who also served as a field artillery and JAG officer.

Get Representation You Can Trust

Let The Law Office of Jorge Luis Rivas, Jr., work on your behalf when you face legally actionable discrimination in the workplace. Call us to schedule an initial consultation at 915-533-7200. You can also reach our office online.